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3 (or more) Colored Images: Indexed Color

Sometimes a cool image such as the one shown below is desired.

This is taken from a regular image, that is full color and splendidly beautiful in itself, shown below.

The cool thing about these images, is that you can create more art pieces, or, for example, the little man in the bottom left corner was created this way.

The process is very simple, and it utilized the Indexed Color option for the image.

To access it, go to image -> mode -> indexed color.

From here, you can play around with the number of colors to see how your image will look (using the little preview check box).

Once you have this image created, you will notice the layer is locked and you cannot do anything with it, this is because it’s still in indexed color. To edit the image again, simply change it back to RGB Color ( image -> mode -> RGB color ) and you should now have access to play with the image!

Good luck.

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