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Adding Multiple Brushes to Photoshop

Adding Multiple Brushes to Photoshop can look very daunting if there are 500 and they are each to be imported one by one. Solution: do them all at the same time!

How to do this?

  1. Open photoshop.
  2. Select Brushes from the palette
  3. Highlight all the brushes you want to add (select all, ctrl+a). It is a good idea to only import about 100 at a time to avoid overloading the program.
  4. Drag over into the Brushes window on Photoshop shown below (the area just below clone source in the photo is a good place to drag to)

Then you’re done. See how to delete brushes quickly in Photoshop to work the other way around.

Sometimes after doing this a reboot is necessary.

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