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Alternative to iTunes

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Operating System: Windows
Device: Apple iPod

Many of you have iPods, iPhones, iDevice, i-everything and therefore know how essential it is to have iTunes to manage everything on your i-everthing.

Some of you don’t necessarily need this. Some of you don’t use iTunes to buy apps, to buy songs, to buy book-mp3s. Some of you may have your own personal library that you’ve built up over the years, and just want a program that can allow you to put mp3s onto your iPod, and take some off.

Simple tasks, right?

There is a solution that you can get that doesn’t require you to install this huge program to install on your computer, that quickly dominates everything from playback to management.

Seriously, I can’t even think about how many times it’s disorganized my entire music library… but that’s a story for another time.

The program? Well, I’m sure there’s many.

World, meet EphPod

EphPod is a full-featured, easy-to-use and free Windows application that connects with Apple’s iPod.

There you have it, enjoy friends!

Do you have any programs that you use and like better (iTunes is not an option)?

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