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Changing Directories in Command Prompt

We’ve all been here, you forget how to change directories in command prompt. Not to worry, it’ll soon be ingrained in your skull.

There are a few features we can use here.

Change full directory root

Type: cd D:directoryRoot

Go up one level

Type: cd..

Go into a directory of interest

Type: cd FolderName

You can also list structure of a directory or folder you’re in

Type: dir

For the examples above, the drive you’re looking for may not be D:, but if you look in My Computer, you should be able to find the drive letter.

Command Prompt can also be found in start -> all programs -> accessories -> command prompt.

NOTE: you can repeat any of these commands as long as you want, but it will eventually stop at some point because you are at the root directory, or have dug as far as you can inside a directory.



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