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Clear The Clipboard in Windows

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OS: Windows 7

If you’re like me, you copy paste a lot. Copying code from one file to the other, copying drawings from one image to the other, etc. Whatever your job, you usually have to copy something.

How and when this stays on the clipboard is sometimes questionable… I’m sure there is a method to the madness.

However, sometimes when you close the program that you’ve been using to copy from, the contents transfer or stay on the Windows system clipboard. If it’s a big file you’ve copied, this will lag the computer big time.

So, what we’ve come up here is a command to clear the clipboard.

  • Go to start -> run
  • Type cmd
  • Type ” echo off | clip

Simple as that.

You may want to create a shortcut on your computer that you can simply double click and it will automatically run this little snippet of code.

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select new -> shortcut
  • In the field Type location of the item, enter: C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe /c “echo off | clip”
  • Name the shortcut to your desires
  • Click Finish and all should be good!

Give it a test run!

I hope this helps.


Kioskea was referenced to complete this article.

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