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Extracting a Zip Archive

In our last tutorial, we learned how to create a zip archive, which can be very useful when sending a lot of files that has a tendency to get very messy.

Some programs to help us are winrar, 7zip, winzip, but this tutorial will use 7zip.

This tutorial, we shall look at extracting the zip archive to your local folder.

To start, you need to have the zipped archive

  1. Right click on the zip archive
  2. Select ‘Extract to ____ ”

Doing it this way will ensure that if the files weren’t initially put into a nice folder, they don’t clutter up your folder with thousands (depending on how big the archive is) of files.

You should now see a file in that same folder, ours will be labelled Elley, and inside it will be the contents of the zip archive!

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