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Hard & Soft Reset Instructions for Samsung Galaxy S3

smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S3
OS: Android

There comes a time in every smartphones life when it must be reset. One can only hope that it’s also at a time when you have fully backed up all your date.

note: let me take a quick second here to remind you to back up all your data! This is contacts, calendar, photographs, notes, secrets, and all in all, anything on your phone. Hopefully it’s all sync’d, but that’s another story.

First, give soft reset a try. Sometimes that fixes problems.

1. Soft Reset | Samsung Galaxy S3

Holding down the power button on the right hand side of the smartphone for approximately 10 seconds will lead to a soft reset.

2. Hard Reset | Samsung Galaxy S3

There are two ways to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy S3.

note: Before you do any hard reset, make sure that you’ve backed up EVERYTHING you want to keep off your smartphone. This includes contacts, calendar,

a.  Hard Reset From Within Android Phone | Samsung Galaxy S3

From within Android, meaning when it’s still turned on and you can access the Settings menu, you can go to:

  • Settings -> Back up and reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset device -> Reset everything.

b.  Hard Reset from Startup | Samsung Galaxy S3

Hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy S3 while it’s turned off is a little bit trickier, but not much. It kind of makes you feel like a hacker though, but don’t be afraid!

This hard reset starts with the phone powered off.

  • Hold the Vol Up key (left), Home button (bottom), and Power (right) button at the same time

  • once you see the Android logo thing, you can release your choke hold on your phone
  • highlight Wipe data/Factory reset by using your Volume Down key
  • press Power (right hand-side) button to select the choice
  • highlight YES — delete all user data
  • press Power (right hand-side) button to select the choice
  • once the format completes, press the Power button to reboot normally

Hopefully this works, and you’re able to sync your phone again with all it’s data.

Good luck!

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