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Installing a Module in Drupal

Installing  a module in Drupal is fairly straight forward and is essential when expanding the capabilities of the engine to a more elaborate we website.

To start, find the module that you’re wanting to use. How I usually do this is searching Google for what I’m wishing to accomplish, which will usually come back with a direct Drupal module link, or a blog that has some suggestions like I’ve given done.

So, go to the page, near the bottom should be a zip archive of the module, download that and save it. If you want to do it all in one step, save it to your modules folder that is nestled within your Drupal install in: top level -> sites -> all -> modules.

Once the folder is then placed in here, it will show up on the Modules page which can be found: Administer -> Site Building -> Modules, where you have to enable it. Once enabled, scroll to the bottom and save.

If you’ve got this far, all you need to do now is edit the module. This is done by going to the module configuration page, which will be nestled somewhere within Administer -> Site configuration.

Good luck!

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