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MySQL Restart Fails After CHMOD my.cnf File

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Recently I was playing around with a clients my.cnf file, with regards to access rights. What I had tried to do was to use the command chmod o+w to the file, and then when I went to restart MySQL  it spit back at me start: Job failed to start.

Obviously, while working on a clients server, this is not the ideal command to get, especially if they’re dependent on their database.

Some of you may say: “well, obviously you should just look at your log files and everything will be explained in there.” But, I’d like to remind you that in the newer versions of mySQL, they have decided that by default the server doesn’t have logging..

For me, the tricky part of this was that I had altered access rights to the file, then made another change to the file, and then tried to restart the server… You can imaging my horror when I reversed the changes I had made to the file, only to find it still wasn’t working.

Luckily, when I connected to the server using SSH, a handy little prompt came forth saying that it was going to ignore the fact that I had horrendously opened the access up to the ENTIRE WORLD….. This deserved a hand slap.

The solution was to reverse the chmod o-w access rights I had given the other user.

Hope this helps somebody out there!

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