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NGINX Ubuntu Upgrade Fails with an Error

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web server: NGINX
os: Ubuntu
application: NGINX Amplify

NGINX Amplify is a great tool for monitoring the status of your NGINX deployment. It’s a new thing they’ve been working on and perhaps even still in beta mode.

Recently I was upgrading my Ubuntu based server, and the NGINX Amplify agent wouldn’t upgrade, giving an error along the lines of:

sudo apt-get upgrade
Setting up nginx-amplify-agent (0.40-1~trusty) ...
dpkg: error processing package nginx-amplify-agent 
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error 
exit status 1
Setting up libcurl3-gnutls:amd64 (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.10) ...
Setting up libcurl3:amd64 (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.10) ...
Setting up curl (7.35.0-1ubuntu2.10) ...
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.19-0ubuntu6.9) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)


Bummer. I didn’t really think much of this until I got an email from a fellow over at NGINX, so I thought I’d tell him this was happening. He asked me to share with him some more information, and we worked our way through a few things that I’ll outline below.

We tried a few things, but essentially the only thing that worked was:

I suggest you add hostname to the agent configuration manually 
hostname = yourhostname


In this place, for yourhostname you may use any valid hostname, except local hostnames (‘localhost’,
‘localhost.localdomain’, ‘localhost6.localdomain6’, ‘ip6-localhost’).

After this, running:

sudo apt-get upgrade

worked, and everybody was happy again.

A note from support at NGINX Amplify:

Please note that current version of amplify-agent (0.40-1) contains a bug in the hostname detection logic, this is the reason why some users have problems with the upgrade. So, explicit assignment of hostname in the configuration is just a workaround.

Hope this helps!

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