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Samsung Galaxy S3 Won’t Send SMS

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Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII

Recently, for whatever reason, my new Samsung Galaxy S3 started having some funny little glitches – which most devices are prone to do after you install all the apps that I do. So, what any tech savvy person (you) would do, is restart the device!

However, after restarting my device, I tried to send some SMS text messages on the phone, and noticed I would press send, and they’d be lost into the ether, not showing up on window I had just sent the SMS message to.

Obviously this isn’t good if you can’t send SMS messages with your smartphone.

Rather quickly I noticed that my date and time were waaaay off. So, I went to settings and selected to Automatically Adjust Date & Time, which happens almost instantaneously and voila, everything was solved.

  • Settings -> More -> Date and Time -> select Automatic date and time

That was it. That simple.

Hope this works!

If this doesn’t work for you, then your next bet it to probably do a soft or hard reset. But, before you try to do this, make sure to have everything backed up!

Soft & Hard reset instructions for your Samsung Galaxy S3 can be found here.



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