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User Registration Email Doesn’t Send or get Received in WordPress

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Creating a new WordPress site is a very fun thing, but can sometimes lead to some pretty weird problems. Depending on the server the website is hosted on, the problems can be even weirder!

The problem I’ve encountered is when setting up a WordPress site to allow users to register, the initial email that sends a randomly generated email to the new user to verify the user doesn’t get sent.

This is a major problem because the new user cannot get their password and cannot start writing posts, which means contributing to their website. As a result of this, they will most likely be turned off of your website, and go elsewhere.

The cause of this problem, I found, was an issue with the mail() command WordPress uses by default to send the email.

My server I was hosting on wouldn’t allow this, so the plugin WP Mail SMTP was required.

Once I configured this plugin with the relevant email options from the menu on the left in the dashboard, everything sends great!

More info on this issue can be found on the WordPress support site.

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