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Weird Language Keyboard Fn Key

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OS: Windows 7

My mother recently called me over urgently needing some help.

It turned out that on her tiny little laptop when she was typing a letter to my grandmother, the only keys that were typing were the blue keys activated by the Fn key on her laptop.

She tried everything and nothing worked!

So, I took a look, rummaged around for a while, and couldn’t find any solution.

Well, that’s not true, there were a few solutions like:

  • reboot the computer
  • hold down Fn key and F11 at the same time
  • hold down Fn and scroll lock
  • ….

But none of these worked for me.

Finally, after trying to troubleshoot looking over my mothers shoulder as she sat with her feet up on the coach, I grabbed the little laptop and took control of the situation.

It turned out the problem was simply the language selected.

I opened up a notepad document, and all was good.

So, as most of you probably know by now, depending on what window you have open, if you change the language in that window, it doesn’t get changed in all windows of the system.

The Solution

Make the window with the problems active, then select from the language bar (usually located next to the clock on windows taskbar) the proper language – most likely US English.

Problem solved.

Hope this helps!

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