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WordPress Post Images Alignment Weird

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I just ran into a problem with one of our clients WordPress posts. It turns out that the images were doing weird things within the post.

So, to paint the picture more clearly, this is what we had:

  • the post had a bit of text at the start
  • followed by about 10 images, photographs
  • followed by text (supposed to be)

The complication came with the trailing text.

Because the images that were inserted were left aligned, WordPress was doing some funny thing and not considering them as part of text, so if the user went to type in text, it would show up below the text at the start, and would either be covered by the image itself, or shown on the side of the page squished into the rest of the content container (so about 100 px wide window).

Obviously this isn’t desired.

To solve this, while editing the post, click on each image, and select edit image(one of the little icons that appear in the top right corner).

Once in here, just below the preview of the image, there will be a row called Alignment. Simply click center, save, then update the post. All should be well again.

Remember, you’ll have to do this for all the images in the post.

Perhaps this is just a work around, and there are other things that can be done if you edit using text, but that just sounds like a lot of unnecessary work when, in my opinion, having center aligned images is great design anyways..

Maybe you have another solution?

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