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Focus | Teition Solutions

Teition Solutions focuses on the following activities:

  • Web hosting & server management,
  • Digital design (logo & marketing materials),
  • Program based data analysis,
  • Alternate Energy systems (lithium batteries, solar pv panels, wind generators, hydro generators, and charge controllers).

Future | Teition Solutions

Teition Solutions is committed to the environment; a clean, friendly, and cooperative microcosm that works to help humanity in a sustainable manner. To this end, Teition is focused on solutions that will increase efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, look and feel natural, and answer questions within itself: creative solutions, Teition Solutions.

Teition will look for strategic partners to help increase the scope and influence of various projects underway, and into the future.

History | Teition Solutions

Teition Solutions was founded in 2013 in Prince George, BC.

Teition Solutions successfully completed the Youth Mean Business Program through Community Futures Canada in 2013.