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Teition Solutions is committed to the environment; a clean, friendly, and cooperative microcosm that works to help humanity in a sustainable manner. To this end, Teition is focused on solutions that will increase efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, look and feel natural, and answer questions within itself: creative solutions, Teition Solutions.

Teition will look for strategic partners to help increase the scope and influence of various projects underway, and into the future.

Ned Tobin, CEO/CTO | Teition Solutions

2013.04.05-Ned-Tobin-2Ned Tobin graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada with his Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Systems Engineering in 2013. Previous to this, he received his Electronics Engineering Technology diploma from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta in 2004.

After graduating from SAIT, Ned worked at Ryan Energy, a division of Nabors Drilling, in Calgary, Alberta as an Electronics Technologist. Ned then moved to Vancouver where he worked for Xerox Canada as a Customer Service Representative.

While attending SFU, Ned worked for the Federal Government of Canada providing IT support for a satellite office. To complete his degree in 2012, Ned received a Canadian IREP scholarship to perform research at Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, Deutschland on thin film CdS solar cells.

When Ned returned to Canada, he began doing contract work for local and provincial small and medium sized business ventures and not-for-profit organizations, which helped spawn Teition Solutions.

Ned Tobin is an observationalist with a solution. He is creator at heart and can work or fix any equipment he touches.

History | Teition Solutions

Teition Solutions was founded in 2013 while Ned Tobin was completing the YMBP at Community Futures Fraser Fort George, a Federal Government initiative for young entrepreneurs. This aligned the direction of Ned’s innovations with his skills and services offered. Teition is an amalgamation of King Kabuz’s web design division (est. 2005), Tobin Electronics technical services (est. 2007), and Ned’s engineering and digital design work.