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Can’t Delete Full SIM Messages on Android Phone

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The Problem

Using my Android phone, voicemail messages would automatically stay on my SIM card for some funny reason. SIM cards obviously don’t have a lot of room, so it can easily fill up if one gets a lot of “voicemail received” messages.

The system message that pops up on the Android phone with this error, once clicked, typically takes one to the Messaging app – that comes standard on the Android phones – and shows you all the messages that say “You have received a new message” #timestamp.

The easy solution is to delete all the messages that show up on this screen. To do this you long hold a message, which shifts it to the side and you can see a little check mark indicating you’ve selected the message. Delete is the garbage can in the top right of the window.

The problem for me was that I had another app I was using for messaging: Textra. So, I would delete all the message in the Messaging app and they would say deleting and the window would refresh and they would all still be there.

The Solution

Clearly there was a conflict and the Messaging app wasn’t authorized to delete the messages.

To resolve this, browse through your apps and find the default Messaging app on the Android smartphone and click on it. This will immediately ask you if you’d like to make it the default messaging app. Say yes.

Then click on the three dots in the top right -> select settings

Browse to Manage SIM Card messages. Select all the messages and delete them.

Once you’re done deleting and have confirmed they’re all deleted, make sure to close the Messaging app and open up the other messaging app you were using (for me it was Textra), which will prompt you upon open if you want to make it the default messaging app, which you of course do.

Hope this helps!



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