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Editing Meta Keywords in Drupal

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Optimizing a webpage for high ranking in a search engine like Google or Yahoo is essential for your website if you’re hoping to get lots of traffic. Rarely do people click through to the 2nd or even 3rd pages in a search engine.

To optimize, you must ensure you have the <meta name="keywords"> elements filled in for each page on the site.

Unfortunately unlike WordPress that has an easy to back build your website with Meta SEO Pack, Drupal requires you to edit each page individually (or so I’ve only found. If you have any tips on how to avoid this, I’d love to hear).

The module to download I’ve found works nicest is Nodewords. Once it’s properly placed into the modules folder one must go to the modules page (Administer -> Site configuration ) on the Drupal site and enable it. Once this is done, there will be a Meta tags option on the node you are trying to create.

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