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MySQL Failed to Start

I have run into this issue a few times now, which is very much a pain to deal with.

Here I am, going along with my server, everything going ok, and then suddenly, I can’t upload any images to a sites. Weird error. Ok, lets reboot the server, maybe it’s a minor glitch.

Nope, now the MySQL server wont even start!

sudo service mysql start

start: Job failed to start

Of course, this is after I did the query:

sudo service mysql status

mysql stop/waiting

[yes, this is also very similar to the problem I was having earlier with user privileges]

After fooling around for a while, trying to figure out what was going on, nothing would work. I noticed that I had a few packages that needed updating/upgrading. So, I ran:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

When in the upgrade process, I noticed that the MySQL updates gave me an error, but the error made reference to something related to space.

Looking at my capacity, and remembering that I had just uploaded a large *.zip file (a few houndred Mb).

Deleting some documents (some large document) I was able to then get MySQL to start and make me a happy admin!

Hope this helps!

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