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WordPress Post Images Don’t Show up in Facebook

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Engine: WordPress
Plugin: WP Facebook Open Graph protocol

The internet is entirely connected by hyperlinks. You link here, I link there, you link to me, we all link together. Voila, we have the internet.

Users are making the internet into a heavily visual beast, where we like our links to show up with a featured images with hopes this will grab potential website visitors attention enough to encourage them to click and follow the link to your website (and the post).

The Problem | WordPress Images & Facebook

For whatever reason (my guess is a faulty theme, but it could also be the method of uploading images, server security, not defining a featured image…) some website owners are reporting that when they share a link to a WordPress post on Facebook, Facebook doesn’t identify that there are any images in the post. This results in just a link with – if you’re lucky – a bit of a blurb or the first few lines of the post.

This is no good.

The Solution | Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

To force your WordPress post to tell Facebook that there are indeed images in your post you’re sharing the link to (and to define a default image that Facebook will use as a last resort should no image be found – like a logo) there is a handy plugin called WP Facebook Open Graph protocol.

Facebook has what’s called Facebook Open Graph meta tags that it crawls website links for to find things like images etc. This WordPress plugin will explicitly add these Open Graph meta tags to your images to make it extra easy for Facebook to identify your images.

Hope this helps!


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